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We bring everything you need as an investor or project founder under one roof, making the crypto platform safer and more transparent for everyone. We make using dApp facilities running on the Web3 layer easy. We keep everyone safe by concluding KYC and audit, smart contract, dApp development and liquidity lock with our strategic partners SUBX, IdoPresales, InterFI, Coinsult and Solidproof. We are here to keep everyone safe and reward every INFI holder for being loyal and believing in us.

We are focusing on expanding our unique ecosystem built on passive incomes and rewards. We decided to share our profits with our investors who believe in us, providing them with a large monthly revenue in stable coins deposited into their account on a monthly basis.


We keep our investments disciplined and insist on following our process to make them stronger and more stable. We stay in the game by holding an emergency fund.

Investment Strategies based on INFIFUND Plan it  will contain the following: Inverted Investment Real Estate, Corporate Real Estate, Metaverse Real Estate, Inverted Investment Reward Protocol and Strategic Partnership Investment Fund. INFIFUND Investment Plan will secure INFI holders with up to 25% monthly revenue in stable coins of all profit generated by Inverted Investment and up to 5.5BNB worth of free allocation from upcoming projects released by Inverted Investment.


To qualify for our Reward Protocol System, you’ll have to stake your INFI allocation for the minimum time frame via our staking dApp. Before the INFIFUND Investment Plan goes live, the terms and conditions will be shared.

Industry Focus

Working together with professional blockchain companies we're focusing on decentralized and centralized systems by ensuring your privacy and keeping your investments safe, while at the same time, you'll not only benefit from high revenues but also from our Metaverse Gaming Platform.

Diverse and Unique Portfolio

Our portfolio includes five large and unique projects, all of which are based on INFI MultiChain. By holding INFI we grant you the right to enjoy it, play it and live it!

Our strategy

We use our own strategies to invest in our ecosystem. This makes us safe, stable and unique. We believe that knowing every aspect of the investment leads to success. This is why we decided to reward our INFI holders with up to 25% monthly revenue in stable coins deposited to their account.


Creating clear and appropriate investment goals
Developing a suitable asset allocation using broadly diversified funds
Maintaining perspective and long-term discipline
Minimizing costs

We are committed to responsible investment: our investment approach explicitly acknowledges the importance of environmental, social, and governance factors to the investor, as well as the long-term health and stability of the market as a whole


Get to Know Us

Face-to-face customer service and help desk.

Blockchain and dApp development.

Business presentations and implementations.

Up to 25% profit sharing for INFI holders.



Odon Oszkar Horvath


Sven Schoenwald

Head of Europe

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Ernest Erwin

Head of Global Marketing



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