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Base platform of all our projects with INFI as our token

Our investor whale group, marketing agency and project incubator

Wear To Earn

Metaverse game with real-life and real-estate utilities

Strategic Partnership Investment

Investment strategies with partners in our ecosystem

Blockchain & Stable Coin

Low transaction fees, fast and secure, decentralized system


Welcome to the INFI MultiChain CEX/DEX platform, the cornerstone of our innovative projects. INFI serves as our official token, symbolizing our commitment to excellence and success.

INFI MultiChain represents a cutting-edge dApp-oriented platform, known as the MultiChain Launchpad, which is governed by the esteemed ©SbSe Protocol. As an INFI holder, you gain exclusive access to two lucrative staking opportunities, one of which is intricately linked to the NEXO platform.

Experience the power of real-world currency by staking your hard-earned money or opting for a diverse range of highly regarded cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC, AXIE, stable coins, and many more. Maximize your earnings with a generous daily APY delivered straight to your securely-guarded INFI Wallet.

Unlock the unlimited potential of decentralized exchanges with our state-of-the-art DEX Aggregator dApp. Seamlessly swap between coins and enjoy unprecedented currency rates, thanks to our sophisticated technology and strategic partnerships.

By securely locking your INFI allocation, you become eligible for an exclusive token allocation worth up to $1700 from our upcoming projects. This allocation comes with a vesting period of six months, ensuring long-term growth and stability. Additionally, as an esteemed member of our ecosystem, you can earn up to 10% in Bitcoin and receive up to 50% of our monthly profits in stable coins, directly deposited into your wallet. Embrace the future of finance with INFI MultiChain and unlock a world of possibilities.


Inverted Investment is proud to introduce the world's first self-building smart ecosystem, the ©SbSe Protocol.
The ©SbSe Protocol will govern the INFI blockchain, revolutionizing the way we stake and rewarding INFI holders with monthly stable coins. Additionally, it will significantly enhance the growth potential of INFI by ensuring the stability of its price. Our ultimate vision is to extend the SbSe protocol to all major blockchain networks, providing other projects with the opportunity to leverage our innovative technology for an annual license fee of $300K. We will be unveiling more exciting details during the launch of our blockchain.
Starting from 30th April 2023, we will be integrating the ©SbSe Protocol on the Cosmos platform, allowing us to initiate monthly passive income payouts to INFI holders. For more information on eligibility criteria for passive income and monthly BTC rewards, kindly refer to our comprehensive INFI holder rewards eligibility document.


Welcome to Inverted Investment, where we are dedicated to bringing safety and stability to the crypto space for both investors and emerging projects. We understand the challenges faced by startups, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of services, including KYC & Audit, as well as a specially curated "Free Starter Marketing Package" that includes Social Media promotion and engaging AMA sessions.

Partnered with leading project launchpads, marketing communities, and dApp developers, we provide a one-stop solution for achieving a successful launch and a solid foundation.

At Inverted Investment, the security of your funds is our utmost priority. Our Launchpad is meticulously monitored on a daily basis, with liquidity lock measures implemented to safeguard your investment.

In the unfortunate event of a scam or rug-pull, we take immediate action. Our team will promptly unlock and sell the liquidity to compensate affected investors. Furthermore, we diligently report malicious projects to the relevant authorities, ensuring accountability and contributing towards a safer crypto ecosystem.

Join us at Inverted Investment and experience a secure and trustworthy platform as we combat the rising prevalence of scams in the crypto space.


Welcome to INFIFUNDWH, the investor whale group, marketing agency, and project incubator that powers our dApp-based INFIFUND Plan. By joining our crypto analytics platform and VIP Lounge, you gain access to a community of influential figures and experts in the field of crypto investments and strategies. Our platform is designed to keep you informed and assist you in safeguarding your investments.

Furthermore, INFIFUNDWH operates under the governance of the ©SbSe Protocol and is incubated by INFI MultiChain. We have exciting updates about the project coming soon.

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INFI Staking, governed by the ©SbSe Protocol, in collaboration with INFI Bank, presents a unique opportunity for INFI and INFIS holders to stake, avail higher APY lending options, and even borrow cash at a remarkable 0% APR, all through their INFI or INFIS allocation. Stay tuned for further announcements.


As an esteemed INFI holder, rest assured that your stability, security, and revenue growth are our paramount concerns. To ensure the utmost integrity of your investments, we harness the power of USD/EUR and gold reserves, renowned for their unwavering trustworthiness. These esteemed assets serve as the bedrock, guaranteeing stability and fortification for your valuable holdings. Moreover, they actively contribute to the exponential growth of your revenue streams.



Introducing a groundbreaking P2E (play to earn) game that combines real-life functionality with virtual real estate - Inverted Investment. As an INFI holder, you'll have the unique opportunity to not only immerse yourself in a captivating gaming experience, but also utilize your INFI allocation to shape and build an entirely new world. What sets Inverted Investment apart is its innovative approach to minting land that is intricately connected to the real world. Prepare to be captivated by our game's introduction, where we'll unveil more exciting details about this one-of-a-kind metaverse ecosystem.

INFI Blockchain and Stable Coin

Introducing the INFI Blockchain - a cutting-edge system built on the principles of decentralization, immutability, and security. Powered by the innovative ©SbSe Protocol, this next-generation blockchain is poised to revolutionize the way we transact.

With remarkably low transaction fees and lightning-fast speeds, the INFI Blockchain offers a seamless and efficient experience for users worldwide. Leveraging the power of proof of stake transparency and robust hash encryption, our system ensures the utmost security and privacy for all transactions.

In partnership with INFI Bank, our governance model ensures strict oversight and regulation. The INFI Stable Coin, backed by a treasury deposit in USD/EUR and Gold fund, enables stability and reliability in a volatile market.


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