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150K tokens for sale!

10% BTC rewards if you hold min $100 wort INFI


At Inverted Investment Finance Launchpad we will bring everything you need as an Investor or project founder under one roof making the crypto platform Safer and Transparent for everyone. We make it easy to use dApp facilities running on Web3 layer. Using the INFI Safe Platform we will connect you to Trusted Safest dApp's and Projects! Beside rewarding you with 10% BTC rewards, INFI holders will also gain another monthly 10% passive income from INFIFUND in stable coins! INFIFUND will be a stable investment platform where INFI holders can enjoy the benefits of Inverted Investment Finance as a gratitude for investing in us. You can secure your investments with our All-In-one Crypto Device Wallet where you can store your coins in a safe place and swap it using our DEX Aggregator ensuring the best rates across decentralized exchanges! Participate on INFI MultiChain Launchpad will be verified using our KYC and Audit features in order to get a better price! For a smooth experience we recommend Brave Browser and MetaMask extension to our users. Get a KYC and Audit your project at Inverted Investment Finance and fill up your presale budget faster! Get verified, benefit from the Free Starter Marketing Package and get free AMA's! Register your Project in our Safe Platform, get rated by our community and share your Reviews and Updates easily! We bring everything for you in one place! To make your start easier simply select your marketing partner from our Recommended marketing partners list.

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Join and gain 10% Bitcoin rewards while holding!
Invest HODL and get monthly percentage rewards in BUSD from INFIFUND!





Easy startup for projects with KYC and Audit facilities on INFI Multi-Chain Launchpad . Free Startup Marketing Package. Project incubation with Blog and Safe Platform



Web3 Website injection with dApp utilities for easier and more efficient use. Order products online and get delivered with end to end use



We reward your loyalty. Hold and earn 10% Bitcoin after every transaction deposited automatically into your Wallet. Swap your crypto coin anytime you want and spend it with no limits!


We'll deploy an audited Smart Contract for it to make it more safer for everyone. NFIFUNDWH allows INFI holders to earn  more passive income! 

INFIFUNDWH is a platform for investing and Staking in NFT and Metaverse projects. At INFIFUNDWH INFI holders are rewarded with an extra percentage of passive income from their investments with a juicy 10% BUSD monthly profit share.



With all our effort we will create a new Crypto Era where scams, rugs and human greed are NOT allowed! Working closely with our official partners, we're slowly but surely expanding to be the biggest and safest blockchain out there, offering our customers Blockchain and WEB3 services



Token Address 0x4505B3666201dA5e5880b2844993168C76aE0cE4
Total supply 2.000.000 INFI

15% tax after every transaction while you get

  • 10% BTC BEP20 rewards while holding

  • 1% automatically injected back in to the liquidity pool keeping the token price stable

  • 4% goes for Marketing needs



Q4 2021 - Idea & Market Research

  • Idea Creation

  • Market Research

  • Rewards Research

Q1 2022 - Founding The Needs

  • Token Creation

  • Primary Website Development

  • Partnerships

Q2 2022 - Preparing

  • ​Marketing Campaign

  • KYC with IdoPresales

  • Audit with InterFi

  • Private Sale

  • 3000 Social Media Followers

Q3 2022 - Delivering

  • ​Launchpad IDO/ICO Utility

  • Marketing & Partnership announcements

  • Pinksale Fairlaunch

  • Integrating WEB3 Layer with dApp's

  • Blog and Safe Platform dApp

  • Marketing Campaign

  • Over 10000 Social Media Followers

  • Introducing Influencers Community

Q4 2022 - Expanding & utilities

  • Integrating INFI DEX&CEX Platform

  • Influencers Community Expand

  • Marketing Campaign

  • Over 20000 Social Media Followers

  • Incubating process launch start for INIF

  • KYC and Audit utilities

  • Apply for CEX listing

Q1 2023 - Create More

  • ​Marketing Campaign

  • Expanding over 50000 social media followers

  • Dex Aggregtor ensuring best crypto rates accross decentralized exchanges

  • All in one device crypto wallet

  • INFI Web3 and Blockchain office opening in Europe / Vienna (Austria)


Q2 2023 - Expanding & utilities

  • Introducing INFI Blockchain

  • INFI IUSD release 

  • Integrating real life utilities in to INFI Blockchain with dApp services

  • INFI Web3 and Blockchain office expanding 

  • Creating more utilities




Odon Oszkar Horvath



Sven Schoenwald

Head of Europe


Ernest Erwin

Head of Global Marketing



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