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At Inverted Investment Finance we strive to make the crypto space safer for investors and upcoming projects that would like to join us along the way! To make the startup of our upcoming projects easy we offer KYC & Audit service and also a "free starter Marketing Package" which includes Social Media shilling, AMA's and more. We have partnered with the largest and most trusted Project Launchpads, Marketing Communities and dApp developers, at us you'll find everything you need for a great start!


The safety of your funds is the most important for us! To ensure safety on our Launchpad we will monitor upcoming projects on a regular daily basis and we make sure to lock their liquidity ourselves. In case of a scam or rugpull we will unlock and sell liquidity to compensate the investors for their loss! And last but not least we will report the malicious projects to local authorities!  We take those steps above seriously since unfortunately scam is becoming more and more widespread in the crypto space.

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