INFIFUNDWH is the most trusted Crypto Whale groupMarketing Agency, Project Incubator and the main  promoter of INFI MultiChain Platform. We offer our customers KYC, Audit and Investment strategies. Cooperating closely with trusted influencers we look to secure everyone who join Inverted Investment as an investor or as a crypto project.


We give advice at no cost to starting up crypto projects in order to protect themself from scammers.


We are aiming to be the biggest marketing agency with a very strong background and we will reward our INFI MultiChain holders with up to 20% monthly share in BUSD or USDT stable coins. Secure your future by starting investing in INFI MultiChain and INFIFUNDWH now. Make sure to join INFIFUNDWH and the INFI MultiChain community!


We've deployed a SAFU smart contract for INFIFUNDWH with InterFi, added a SAFU & Audit badge to it. KYC badge is added by our KYC partner IdoPresales. The ICO will take place on INFI MultiChain Launchpad and will consist 10 stages. Each stage will have a 50BNB HC! After ICO concluded we will launch INFIFUNDWH on CEX and DEX !

After the launch of INFIFUNDWH we will create the INFIFUNDWH Investment Plan which will be used to reward our INFI MultiChain and INFIFUNDWH holders with a monthly 10% profit share if you hold at least 15K INFI and 6K INFIFUNDWH tokens and 20% profit share if you hold at least 50K INFI or 12K INFIFUNDWH tokens

INFIFUNDWH will get a dApp and a crypto whale - marketing - incubation group called INFI&INFIWH VIP Lounge. We will prepare and share the most important news, updates, marketing plans, whale investment strategies,  incubation processes and core financial strategies in this group.
The dApp will have the function to check the holders $INFI & $INFIWH allocation. You have to hold at least 15K INFI and 6K INFIFUNDWH tokens or 50K INFI or 12K INFIFUNDWH tokens to be able to participate in the group.

Image by Alexander Shatov


Token Address 0x56d253b4FaC9A186bb6BEa9cc63256adE1c2558d

Total 2.000.000 INFIWH

  • 60% for ICO

  • 15% for CEX

  • 10% for staking and airdrops

  • 10% for marketing, 10 months vesting

  • 5% for the team, 10 months vesting

  • NO unlocked tokens

  • SAFU Smart contract deployed by InterFi

  • SAFU Badge

  • KYC & Audit

  • 4% tax


The ICO of INFIFUNDWH will be held on INFI MultiChain Launchpad and it will consist of 10 stages. Price will start at 0.01 and it will increase 0.005 at every stage. Second stage will be 0.015, third stage 0.02 and so on, the last stage will be 0.055. The target funding of each stage will be 50 BNB and the tokens can be claimed at the end of every stage.



Q1 2022

  • Idea creation

  • Market research

  • Partnerships

Q2 2022

  • Tokenomics creation

  • SAFU Smart contract deployment request

  • Audit Smart contract request

  • Team KYC process begin

  • Incubation research

Q3 2022

  • INFIFUNDWH Incubation process begin

  • INFIFUNDWH ICO on INFI MultiChaion Launchpad

  • INFIUFUNDWH launching on Dex & CEX

  • CG CMC approval

  • dApp release

  • Marketing push

Q4 2022

  • CEX listing

  • Wear To Earn Metaverse Project Incubation on INFI MultiChain Platform

  • Staking release

  • dApp upgrade

  • More projects incubation process

  • INFIFUNDWH Investment Plan launch

  • More utilities release on Marketing Agency Platfrom